Friday, October 31, 2008

Fishery Science as a Career Option

Looking for a Career Option as a Fishery Science?
This section features fishery science as a career option, elaborated with reference to the job profile, personality traits required, the courses and training involved, premier institutions and future prospects.

Fishery science is related to capturing of the fish in inland, sea or the aquatic species. This industry involves catching, processing, marketing and conservation of fish. Fisheries Science is related to understanding and managing the fisheries. Multiple subjects are included in this science such as biological study of life, breeding and habits of various species of the fish. Husbandry and farming of the fishes, and aquatic organisms in fresh water, and the salty water are also included in this fishery science. Maintaining and developing the wealth of the sea is the aim of the fishery science.

Personality Traits

Those who have selected fishery science as a career must have the interest in the marine and free from the sickness caused because of sea. The persons in this field have to do lot of research and research mentality. The person have the qualities such as hard working, devotion, patients, inquisitive mind and are curious about new facts. They must think quickly and always have new ideas in mind are very beneficial. Fishery science is a field which is related to the business directly or indirectly.


The B.F. Sc. students are educated in the broad variety of the subjects such as aquaculture, industrial fisheries, mariculture, fish processing, post harvest technology, pathology, fish nutrition, ecology, environment, and the extension etc. The areas of specialization are production of fish, management of fishes and the scientific breeding. Practical knowledge is also included in the syllabus like sea travel on the fishing vessels for the collection of data and fishing.

Placements And Prospects

Numbers of career options are available in this field. Graduate
in this field may find jobs in public sector such as department of fisheries and the nationalized bank. Chances are available in agriculture's state department, government agencies, and the organizations like Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute.

The fishery graduate can apply in the state government sector, for the posts such as Assistant Fisheries Development Officer (AFDO), District Fisheries Development Officer (DFDO) and Fisheries Extension Officer (FEO). Chances in central government agencies are in MPEDA (Marine Products Export Development Authority), FSI (Fisheries survey of India), WHO, NIO etc. They can also be working as a field banks officer, and managers in the loan section of the agriculture in the nationalized bank and in the private banks. Jobs available in private sectors are in hatcheries, aquaculture farms, and the processing plants. For the self employment, commercial fish farming, exports of the marine products, seed production and the ornamental dishes are the good jobs.

M.F.Sc degree holders may be selected as assistant professor in the faculty and those completed doctorate may be appointed as a scientists in fisheries and agricultural institutions. Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board (ASRB) recruits these people through the competitive examination and the personal interview.

The leading institutes offering the various courses in fishery sciences are:

College of Fisheries in Panangad
The Central Institute of Fisheries Education in Mumbai
Cochin University of Science and Technology Kochi
Department of Aquatic Biology and Fisheries
MSc Fishery Biology and Aquaculture
School of Applied Life Sciences

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Top Merchant Navy Colleges

T.S. Chanakya, Navi Mumbai

This is a shore based academy, which carries the reputation and tradition of T.S. Dufferin and T.S. Rajendra. The Institute is of international repute and the alumni of the institute are well known worldwide. The admission to this Institute for three year degree course is done through Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) conducted by IIT. The candidate should not be more than 20 years of age, on 1st October and should have cleared screening test of IIT, to apply for this course. After qualifying the screening test of the IIT, the boy who is keen to pursue the career in Merchant Navy, as a Deck Officer, has to fill up an application form which is available at Directorate General of Shipping, Mumbai, and at the selected branches of Syndicate Bank all over India. The advertisement for this, is published in leading news papers of the country in the month of July and December every year, giving procedure for admission. After completing a 3-year course at T.S. Chanakya, a student is awarded Degree in Nautical Science by Mumbai University and is required to go on board ship for one year sea training. The cost of the training in T.S. Chanakya is about Rs. 30,000. per year including tuition fees, hostel and messing. Personal expenses are to be borne by the student. T S. Chanakya also conducts 3 month Pre-Sea Deck Cadets Course. The candidates should be less than 20 years of age on the commencement of the course and should have minimum 60% of marks in P.C.M. at 10+2 level or 55% marks in the B. Sc. and should be below 22 years of age or should have passed BE/B.Tech. from a college recognized by AICTE and is below 24 years of age. The advertisement for this course is published 2 months before the commencement of the course in Employment News and other leading news papers. After completion of the course, the candidate is to obtain requisite sea time of 2 to 3 years before appearing for 2nd Mate competency exam. During their sea attachment, these candidates, usually, are paid nominal pocket allowances by the shipping companies, in addition to free messing and accommodation on the ship. For further details, contact Capt. Superintendent, T.S. Chanakya at the following address : Capt.Superintendent, Training Ship Chanakya, Karave, Navi Mumbai., Tel. 022- 770 3876.

Marine Engineering & Research Institute (MERI), Kolkata.

This Institute was established in 1949 to impart training to marine engineering cadets and is presently situated at Kolkata. The Institute conducts 4 year degree course in Marine Engineering recognized by AICTE and affiliated to University of Jadhavpur. The admission to this course is also done through Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) of IIT and the eligibility for this course is same as of Training Ship Chanakya and the admission to this Institute is also conducted along with the selection to the T.S. Chanakya on the basis of the merit list provided by JEE, IIT. The admission procedure and the fees for this course is also in line of T.S. Chanakya as mentioned above. For any further query, the Director, MERI, Kolkata, may be contacted at the following address : Marine Engineering & Research Institute, P-19, New Taratalla Road, Kolkata – 700 088, Tel. 033- 401 4673

Marine Engineering & Research Institute (MERI), Mumbai.

This Institute is situated at Mumbai at Haybundar and provides 1 year Pre-Sea Training to graduate Mechanical Engineers to enable them to go on ships as Junior Engineers. To be eligibile for this course, the candidate should have passed engineering degree in mechanical or in Naval Architecture from the AICTE recognized Institute. The selection is done on the basis of merit and the advertisement for this course is published in Employment News and other leading news papers in the month of November every year. The fees for this course is around Rs. 1,40,000/- including messing, uniform and accommodation. The address is : Marine Engineering & Research Institute, Hay Bunder Road, Mumbai – 400 033, Tel. 022- 3723577,E-mail -

Lal Bahadur Shastri College of Advanced Maritime Studies and Research, Mumbai

Lal Bahadur Shastri College of Advanced Maritime Studies and Research is a premier post-sea Maritime Education and Training Institute offering a comprehensive range of courses for Merchant Navy Officers. The college was established by the Ministry of Transport, Government of India, in 1948.

In addition to Government Training Institutes, there are number of private training institutes which are conducting pre-sea courses for Nautical as well as Engineering candidates both for 10+2 students and engineering candidates. These institutes follow their own selection procedure, which is published regularly in the news papers. For further details, these institutes may be contacted. The institutes provide training to the students and are recognized by the Directorate General of Shipping, Government of India. But on completion of the training, the students have to appear for the competency examination, which enable them to be employed on board Merchant Ships. It is necessary for all candidates to obtain a Certificate of Competency from Directorate General of Shipping, Government of India, the certificates are recognized and respected by all the countries. The examinations for these certificates are conducted by the D.G. Shipping through Mercantile Marine Departments. The 1st exam for 2nd Mate (Deck) and MEO IV (Engineering) is to be given by the candidates after successfully completing the Pre-Sea Training in the above institutes and required sea time on ships. After acquiring the Certificate of Competency, the officer is eligible to be appointed as 3rd Officer / 5th Engineer on board Merchant Ship and draw a handsome salary. For subsequent promotion, he has to render further sea service and pass higher examinations and post-sea courses at LBS College (Govt. of India) or in other private training institutes.

In addition to the above entries for officers, the candidate can join Merchant Navy as rating on board ship. The minimum qualification for rating is 10th standard with Maths and Science and the age limit is less than 24 ½ years at the commencement of the course. After completing the course, the trainees are required to go on ship minimum for 6 months to earn their watchkeeping certificate. After obtaining the Watch Keeping Certificate, they can sail on ships as rating for Deck/Engine Room/Saloon/Petty Officers and are paid handsome salary.

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Merchant Navy as a career option

Looking for a Career Option in the Field of Merchant Navy ? This section features Merchant Navy as a career option, elaborated with reference to the job profile, personality traits required, the courses and training involved, premier institutions and future prospects.

The Merchant Navy is a non-combatant commercial fleet, which deals with transporting cargo and occasionally, passengers, by sea. Its fleet is therefore composed of passenger vessels, cargo liners, tankers, carriers, as well as other special types of vehicles. A career in this field is full of adventure and long voyages to exotic places. Above all this, the excellent pay and promising promotional opportunities make the career lucrative and exciting in spite of all the hard work life and long absence from family and home.

The Merchant Navy is composed of vessels(ships)which carry cargo(called bulk carriers) or oil(called tankers) or passanger(called liners).These ships may belong to Indian or foreign Shipping companies.Merchant navy career options mainly includes the navigating officers, radio officers and marine engineers.

In Merchant Navy, major tasks performed are in three basic areas of a ship. The Deck, the Engine and the Service Department. There are thus, many career options that are available for any youngster who has dreams to join the merchant navy. The deck officers include the captain, chief officer, second officer, third officer and other junior officers. The engine department consists of the chief engineer, radio officer, electrical officer and junior engineers. The service department manages the kitchen, laundry, medical and other services. Jobs are available with shipping companies in India and other countries.

Personality Traits

Merchant Navy should have ability to work as one of a team, self-confidence, love for adventure tough physical constitution, optimistic outlook, capacity for hard work, love for travelling, adaptability and a sporting spirit.


The two major streams in Merchant Navy India are : Navigating Officers and Marine Engineers.

Navigating Officers have to undergo three-year training course in the therotical and practical aspect of nautical science.This trainig imparted in the trainig ship(TS)Chanakya,Mumbai.At the end of three-year course the cadets are awarded by the B.SC.Nautical Science by the university of Mumbai.After successful complition of this cadet officers have to complete one year in the deck department before being able for thesecond mates certificate of competency.During this period a nominal stipend is paid to them. The Marine Engineering Research Institute(MERI)Kolkata, formerly known as the Directorate of Marine Engineering Training(DMET), imparts training in marine engineering.Admission to most institutions is on the basis of written tests and interviews.Medical standards are uniformly imposed.

Placements And Prospects

Merchant Navy is the backbone of international trade, carrying cargo across the globe. Without the merchant navy, much of the import-export business would grind to a halt. Therefore trained personnel is required for various departments of the ship and this widens the scope for employment in this field.
In the Merchant navy career the offered jobs in the following major areas :

* By various shipping companies in the government and private sector.
* Foreign shipping companies also offer good job prospects.

The Different Career options:

1. Deck Department :

The Deck Officers: Deck officer or navigation officer as the name suggests is in charge of the navigation of the ship. That particular department is called Deck department. The captain or the master of the ship is in charge of the ship. He is not only responsible for the safe navigation of the vessel but also for the discipline on the ship and safety of passengers, crew and the cargo. He must ensure the observance of national and international codes of conduct guiding sea transportation. The captain of the ship is further assisted by first mate, second mate and third mates. The First Mate / Chief officer is the right-hand man to the Captain; the second in-command. He overseers all the cargo planning, assists during navigation, allocates duties and work for the maintenance and upkeep of the ship to the Deck Cadets and deck crew, ensures that discipline and order are maintained. The Second Mate / Second officer, assistant to the First Mate is in-charge of checking all mails and keeping the navigational equipment and charts in good condition and also assists in navigational watches at sea and cargo watches at port. The Third Mate / Third officer is responsible for keeping safety equipments -the lifeboats, firefighting and signaling equipment in top condition; acts in the capacity of signal officer and assists with cargo work. The deck department also has other staff with specific duties called 'ratings'. They act as look outs and helmsmen, assist with the securing of the ship as it docks at ports and help clean tanks and holds before the cargo is placed in them.

2. Engine Department :

Marine Engineers: Marine Engineers have the complete responsibility of the ship's engine room. The main personnel in this department is the Ship engineer/chief engineer who ensures safe and economic running of all engines, boilers, electrical, refrigerating and sanitary equipment, deck machinery and steam connections aboard the ship. He supervises the work of the engine-room crew and is assisted in his duties by the Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Engineers and other junior personnel.

Second engineer looks after the day to day work in the engine room. Third engineer is in charge of the main engine, spare parts for the main engine, all purifiers, boilers, compressors etc. Fourth and fifth engineers are in charge of the numerous generators onboard ship as well as certain small pumps. Besides the officers of the navigation and engineering teams most ships have a Radio Officer and an Electrical officer. The Radio Officer is in charge of the radio room and handles the operation of the wireless and transmitting of signals. Electrical Officer is responsible for the functioning and handling of all electrical equipment onboard the vessel. There is another one named seaconny, who ensures that the ship is on course and that the gangway at port is well-guarded.

3. Service Department :

The work undertaken here revolves around the living and catering services for all the crew on board. A chief steward heads a large team of stewards, bakers, messmen etc. Apart from this, the department also has other services such as the services of Divers for underwater examination of the heel of the ship, propellers, pipes etc. Light Keepers, who operate light house signaling equipment to guide incoming and passing ships, and Nautical surveyors, who prepare charts of particular regions of the seas, with regard to topography and conditions of the sea.

Ministry of Surface Transport, Government of India, takes care of the training needs and conducts competency exam through the Directorate General of Shipping (DGS). The career in Merchant navy offers bright prospects to navigating officers and marine engineers.Prospects of promotions are directly linked to passing of requisite competency exams conducted by Ministry of Surface Transport through the DGS.The career in Merchant Navy thus, offers high salaries, thrill, challenge and advanture-all in one package.

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Common Entrance Examination for Design (CEED 2009) [Entrance Exam for MDes and PhD Programmes in IITs and IISc]

Common Entrance Examination for Design (CEED 2009) [Entrance Exam for MDes and PhD Programmes in IITs and IISc]

Details also available at

Common Entrance Examination for Design (CEED 2009) is an all India examination conducted by IIT Bombay, on behalf of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. CEED is a qualifying examination for Admission to Master of Design (M.Des.) Programmes at IISc Bangalore, IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Guwahati and IIT Kanpur, and Ph.D. Programmes in Design in some Institutes.

Applications are invites for Common Entrance Examination for Design (CEED 2009) a qualifying examination for the following postgraduate programmes in design.

Master of Design (MDes)

Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore

Course : Master of Design (MDes) (Product Design and Engineering*)

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay

Master of Design (MDes)

1. Industrial Design

2. Visual Communication

3. Animation

4. Interaction Design

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi

Master of Design (MDes) (Industrial Design)

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati

Master of Design (MDes)

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur

Master of Design (MDes) (Industrial Design) *

(*GATE qualified candidates will also be considered for admission to these programmes).

Ph.D Programmes in Design: at IIT’s and IISC Bangalore

Last Date for Receipt of Completed Offline/ Online Application Forms at the GATE Office IIT Bombay: 3rd Nov. 2008

Date of Examination: 18th January 2009, Sunday (1400 to 1700 Hrs)

Examination Centres: Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Mumbai, Roorkee

Candidates must either have completed or be expecting to complete any of the following, by July 2009:

1. Bachelor's degree in Engineering / Architecture / Design/ Interior Design, or equivalent

2. Professional Diploma in Design (NID/CEPT, or equivalent)

3. B.F.A. (4 year professional programme, after 10+2)

4. G.D. Art (5 year programme after 10th) with one year professional experience

5. Master’s degree in Arts / Science / Computer Applications

Information on the programme may be obtained from the websites of the respective institutes, as given below.

IISc Bangalore: CPDM:

IIT Bombay: IDC:

IIT Delhi: IDDC:

IIT Guwahati: DOD:

IIT Kanpur: Design Prog.:

How To Apply:

Application Form and Brochure: CEED Application Form may be submitted either ONLINE (Internet based) or OFFLINE (by POST/in person)

1. OFFLINE Application Form and Information Brochure can be obtained from the GATE Office, IIT Bombay, on payment of non-refundable application fee of Rs.990/- (Rs.495/- for SC/ST/PD Applicants) by crossed demand draft in favour of IIT Bombay payable at Mumbai. These can be collected personally at the GATE Office counter, or can be obtained by post by sending a request letter along with DD. Two address slips should be enclosed along with the request. Completed application should be submitted to the same address, either at the counter, or by Speed Post.

2. ONLINE submission can be made by accessing the link provided on this page. The ONLINE application fee (non-refundable) is Rs. 950/- (Rs. 475/- for SC/ST/PD Applicants). Please refer to the "Application Procedure" link available on the web page.

Examination Centres: Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Mumbai, Roorkee

Address: GATE Office, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay P.O. IIT Powai, MUMBAI 400 076 Phones: 022-25767068 Fax: 022-25723706

Important Dates:

Access to Online (internet) application: 22nd Sept – 24th Oct. 2008

Issue of Forms: by Post: 22nd Sept – 17th Oct. 2008

at the GATE Office Counter: 22nd Sept. – 3rd Nov. 2008

Last Date for Receipt of Completed Offline/ Online Application Forms at the GATE Office IIT Bombay: 3rd Nov. 2008

Date of Examination: 18th January 2009, Sunday (1400 to 1700 Hrs)


To know detail’s about this Entrance CEED click here

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Adam Smith Management Aptitude Test (ASMAT 2009)

The Admission modalities are with reference to the Adam Smith Management Aptitude Test (ASMAT 2009), for the 2-year MBA Program.
Information also available at


All the applicants aspiring to pursue MBA Program (2009-11) offered by the ICFAI University, Tripura and wish to take academic support and placement assistance from ASIM, have to appear for the ASMAT 2009. ASMAT consists of multiple choice questions on GMAT® pattern.

Exemption from ASMAT: Those applicants who have valid GMAT®/ CAT 2008 scores and those who are qualified in IBSAT® 2008 and short listed for interview are exempted from ASMAT 2009. The best of scores will be considered for candidates who have valid scores of more than one such tests including ASMAT 2009.

Micro Presentation: Each candidate has to make a presentation on a selected topic for 5-7 minutes. The list of topics will be provided in the selection kit.

Interview: The interview is the final stage of the selection process and will be focused on testing the knowledge of the candidate on the topic presented in the micro presentation and understanding the attitude, aptitude and aspirations of the candidate.

MBA program is offered at 10 ASIM campuses all over India. The MBA Program of the University prepares the students with the skills, knowledge and strategic perspectives essential to the leadership of business anywhere in the world. The MBA Program is designed to provide both a portfolio of strong functional skills and the ability to apply, adapt and integrate those skills in different management settings.

Admission: Admission is through Adam Smith Management Aptitude Test (ASMAT 2009) and Interview process.

Program Structure: The Program covers 28 courses apart from 2 Management Theses and 2 courses of Soft Skill Labs spread over 2 years in 4 semesters. Students are also required to undergo a summer internship program.

Commencement of Classes: The preparatory classes for the program will start from June 01, 2009 at all ASIM Campuses. All students are required to attend these classes, which will ensure that they build the foundation required for effective learning during the program.

Electives: The students can pursue elective courses in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Operations and Information Technology & Systems. Each student must choose eight electives. While four of these electives must be from a single stream, the others can be from any stream. To specialize in a particular stream, a student has to pursue at least four electives from that stream. Thus a student can acquire a dual specialization by choosing four electives from one stream and another four from a second stream. The program offers further flexibility in terms of two optional free electives, which are not an essential part of the graduation requirement but can be opted for by interested students.

Last Date for Receipt of completed OMR Application Form for ASMAT 2009 is January 31, 2009.
ASMAT 2009 Test Date: February 15, 2009 Time: 10.00 AM to 12.00 Noon


A bachelor’s degree from any discipline, with 50% and above as calculated by respective University.

Students in their final year bachelor’s degree course are also eligible to apply, provided they complete their graduation requirements including practical examinations / viva / assignments before April 30, 2009. Such applicants will have to produce a certificate to that effect at the time of admission. For any extension of this deadline, the applicants should apply separately, giving the schedule of their graduation examination. Extension may be granted on the basis of the circumstances of the case. The admission of applicants will however, remain provisional until they produce mark sheets and a degree certificate establishing their eligibility. The last date for submitting the proof of graduation is October 01, 2009, failing which the provisional admission will automatically stand cancelled.

Students who wish to register for the MBA-CFA Dual Masters Program will need to maintain a minimum CGPA of 7.5, at the end of the second semester of their MBA Program at ASIM.

How To Apply:

Applicants interested in appearing for ASMAT 2009 can apply through any one of the following methods.

OMR Application Form: Applicants who have purchased the ASMAT Bulletin can fill up the enclosed OMR Application Form and send it to the Admissions Officer at the address given above in “Address for Correspondence”

Online Application: Aspirants can download application form available at by making a payment of Rs.1, 000 towards cost of ASMAT 2009 Bulletin, using credit/debit card (Visa/ MasterCard /Citibank Card) through secure internet gateway. Applicants applying through online system should attach their scanned photograph along with the online application form. The ASMAT 2009 Bulletin will be sent to such online applicants through courier / speed post.

Downloaded Application: Alternatively, applicants can download the Application Form from complete it and send it along with the demand draft of Rs.1,000 (favoring “IUCF A/c ASMAT”, payable at Hyderabad) to the Admissions Officer, ASIM at the address given above in “Address for Correspondence”. The ASMAT 2009 Bulletin will be sent to such online applicants through courier /speed post. Those applicants who have valid GMAT®/ CAT 2008 scores and those who are qualified in IBSAT® 2008 and short listed for the interview are exempted from ASMAT 2009. Students seeking exemption from ASMAT 2009 should apply on the prescribed Application Form along with a copy of the scorecard of GMAT® /CAT 2008 and a demand draft of Rs.1,000 (favoring “IUCF A/c ASMAT”, payable at Hyderabad) to the Admissions Officer, ASIM (address given above in “Address for Correspondence”). The ASMAT 2009 Bulletin will be sent to such online applicants through courier /speed post.

Documents to be submitted along with the Application Form:

1. The attested copies of Std X and XII and Graduation marks transcripts are to be enclosed along with the application form.

2. The students in the final year may enclose the attested copies of marks transcripts up to their pre-final year.

3. The students applying online should forward the attested copies of marks transcripts by courier / speed post.

4. Demand draft of Rs.1, 000 (favoring “IUCF A/c ASMAT”, payable at Hyderabad).

5. Recent passport size photograph.

6. Students seeking exemption from ASMAT 2009 should submit the scorecard of GMAT® / CAT 2008 / IBSAT® 2008 along with the prescribed application form for exemption.

Last Date for Application: The last date for receipt of completed Application Form is January 31, 2009. Students are encouraged to submit the Application Form as early as possible to improve the chances of getting the test center of their choice.

E-mail: Students are advised to do correspondence on any issue regarding ASMAT 2009 only through e-mail and it is mandatory. Similarly all important information with regard to ASMAT 2009 will be intimated to the candidates only through e-mail. 22 Test Centers all over India ASMAT 2009 will be conducted at

22 test centers across India.
The applicants can choose any one of the test center available for ASMAT 2009. The list of all the 22 test centers is provided in the instructions for completing the OMR Form Brochure enclosed. Please note that requests for change of test center will not be entertained under normal circumstances. In the event of not having enough seats at the requested test center, applicants will be allotted the nearest alternative center. ASIM Admissions Office reserves the right to add or delete a few test centers depending upon the situation. The same will be intimated on the website for the benefit of applicants.

Online Admit Card
All eligible applicants for ASMAT 2009 will be able to download their Admit Cards from using the application number and date of birth as user ID and password respectively, during January 15 - 21, 2009. Please Note: Download facility will be withdrawn after January 22, 2009. No hard copies of Admit Cards will be sent/ given to applicants. The Admit Card is not transferable. Impersonation is a punishable offence.

ASMAT 2009 Results
The results of the ASMAT 2009 will be hosted online on on February 28, 2009. The details of the score obtained in the ASMAT 2009 will be intimated to all applicants.

Selection Briefings in 30 Cities during March, 2009

ASIM conducts the selection briefings for the benefit of short listed candidates in 30 cities across the country during March 2009, to clarify various aspects of the selection process, financial aid and placements at ASIM. All short listed candidates are invited to attend the selection briefings along with their parents. The schedule and venues of the selection briefings will be intimated later.

Selection Process

The short listed candidates will be called to participate in the selection process during March 30 to April 11, 2009. The entire selection process will be completed in one day.

Admission Process

The admissions committee seeks to admit a mix of applicants who bring unique contributions from their diverse backgrounds and experiences and who collectively enrich the educational experience.

Address for correspondence: All queries relating to ASMAT 2009 and the completed OMR Application Form along with required enclosures should be sent to: The Admissions Officer, ASIM (HQ) 5th Floor, Mirra Trade Center, Punjagutta, and Hyderabad. Tel: 040 – 23430400 / 478 Fax: 040 – 23430477 E-mail:

Important Dates:

Last Date for Receipt of completed OMR Application Form for ASMAT 2009 is January 31, 2009.

Online Admit Cards: From January 15, 2009 onwards at (No hard copies will be mailed)
ASMAT 2009 Test Date: February 15, 2009 Time: 10.00 AM to 12.00 Noon
Reporting time: 9.00 AM at Test Center

Dispatch of Interview Call letters: February 28, 2009 onwards.

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Friday, October 17, 2008


All India Pre-Medical / Pre-Dental Entrance Examination (AIPMT) 2009



Applications are invited in the prescribed form for All India Pre-Medical / Pre-Dental Entrance Examination (AIPMT) 2009 to be conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi as per the following schedule for admission to 15% of the total seats for Medical/Dental Courses in all Medical/Dental colleges run by the Union of India, State Governments, Municipal or other local authorities in India except in the States of Andhra Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir :-

1. AIPMT 2009 Preliminary Examination - 5th April, 2009 (Sunday)
2. AIPMT 2009 Final Examination - 10th May , 2009 (Sunday)

    CBSE AIPMT 2009 Important Dates:


    Sale of Information Bulletin and Application Form at notified branches of Canara Bank / Regional Offices, CBSE

    22-10-2008 (Wednesday)
    01-12-2008 (Monday)

    Sale of Information Bulletin and Application Form by post from CBSE, AIPMT Unit

    23-10-2008 (Tuesday)
    21-11-2008 (Friday)

    Online submission of Application form

    22-10-2008 (10.00 a.m. )
    01-12-2008 (5.00 p.m.)

    Last Date of receipt of filled-in Application Forms for both Offline and Online application at CBSE, AIPMT Unit

    04-12-2008 (Thursday)

    Date of AIPMT Examination :

    Preliminary (AIPMT) 2009
    Final (AIPMT) –2009

    5th April, 2009 (First Sunday)
    10th May, 2009 (Second Sunday)

    Declaration of AIPMT Result

    Preliminary (AIPMT) 2009
    Final (AIPMT) –2009

    3rd week of April, 2009
    First week of June, 2009



( i) He/She has completed age of 17 years at the time of admission or will complete the age on or before 31st December of the year of his/her admission to the 1st year M.B.B.S./DENTAL Course and is an INDIAN NATIONAL.

(ii) The upper age limit for All India Pre-Medical /Pre-Dental Entrance Examination is 25 years as on 31st December of the year of the entrance examination. Further provided that this upper age limit shall be relaxed by a period of 5 (five) years for the candidates of Scheduled Castes/Schedule Tribes/Other Backward Classes.

(iii) The number of attempts which a candidate can avail at All India Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Entrance Examination shall be limited to 3 (three) uniformly for all the candidates.

  1. The candidate must have passed in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English individually and must have obtained a minimum of 50% marks taken together in Physics, Chemistry and Biology at the qualifying examination. In respect of candidates belonging to Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes or Other Backward Classes the marks obtained in Physics, Chemistry and Biology taken together in qualifying examination be 40% instead of 50% for General Candidates. Those who are taking plus two examination in 2008 can also appear for the entrance test provisionally subject to their fulfilling the conditions later.

A candidate can apply for the All India Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Entrance Examination in the following two ways:-


Offline submission of Application Form may be made on the prescribed Application Form. The Information Bulletin and Application Form costing Rs.400/- for General Category candidates and Rs.200/- for SC/ST candidates inclusive of examination fee can be obtained against Cash Payment from any of the following branches of Canara Bank/ Regional Offices of the CBSE between 22-10-2008 to 01-12-2008. The details of Banks can also be seen in our Admission Notice which is available on CBSE website List of Canara Bank Branches for collecting AIPMT 2008 Application Forms

Online submission of application may be made by accessing the Board’s website from 22-10-2008 (10.00 AM) to 01-12-2008 (5.00 PM). Candidates are required to take a print of the Online Application after successful submission of data. The print out of the computer generated application, complete in all respect as applicable for Offline submission should be sent to the Deputy Secretary (AIPMT), Central Board of Secondary Education, Shiksha Kendra, 2, Community Centre, Preet Vihar, Delhi-110 301 by Speed Post/Registered Post only. Candidate should pay the examination fee Rupees 400/- for General Category and Rupees 200/- for SC/ST Category through a Demand Draft in favour of the Secretary, Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi drawn on any nationalized bank payable at Delhi. Instructions for Online submission of Application Form will be made available on the website


The AIPMT Information Bulletin and Application Form can also be obtained by Speed Post/Registered Post by sending a written request with a Bank Draft/Demand Draft for Rs.450/- for General Category and Rs.250/- for SC/ST Category payable to the Secretary, Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi along with a Self Addressed Envelope of size 12” x 10”. The request must reach the Deputy Secretary (AIPMT), CBSE, 2, Community Centre, Preet Vihar, Delhi-110 301 23-10-2008 (Tuesday) to 21-11-2008 (Friday) Request received thereafter will not be entertained. The request should be super scribed as “Request for Information Bulletin and Application Form for AIPMT, 2009”.

- Candidates must obtain Application Forms from the designated branches of Canara Bank and Regional Offices of CBSE only in cash. Application Form obtained from an unauthorized source will be REJECTED.

- Completed Application Form is to be despatched by Registered Post/Speed Post only.

- Last Date for receipt of completed Application Forms for both Offline and Online in CBSE is 01-12-2009.

  1. Applications received after 01-12-2009 will not be accepted irrespective of the date of booking.

Detailed information is available on Board’s website .

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NDA Entrance Exam 2009 National Defence Academy - Navel Academy

National Defence Academy and Naval Academy Examination (1), 2009

NDA Entrance Examination (I) 2008 will be conducted by the Union Public Service Commission on 19th April 2009, for admission to the Army, Navy and Air Force wings of the NDA for the 123nd Course and Naval Academy for the 42nd 10+2 (Executive Branch) course commencing from 30th June 2009. The approximate number of vacancies to be filled on the results of this examination will be 339 (195 for the Army, 39 for Navy, 66 for the Air Force and 39 for the Executive Branch of Naval Academy).

Important Dates

Date of Notification (Saturday) - 18 Oct 2008

Last Date for Receipt of Applications - 17 Nov 2008 (Monday)

Date/Day of Commencement of Examination - 19 Apr 2009 (Sunday)


Candidates must apply in the Common Application Form devised by the Commission for its examination, which can be purchased from the Designated Head Post Offices/Post Offices (specified in Appendix III of the notice) throughout the country against cash payment of Rs. 20/- (Rupees Twenty only). Each such form can be used only once and only for one examination.

In case of any difficulty in obtaining Application Forms from the designated HPOs/POs, the candidates should immediately contact the concerned post Master or UPSC's "FORMS SUPPLY MONITORING CELL" over Telephone No. 011-23389366/FAX No. 011-23387310.

Candidates are advised to read carefully the "Instructions for filling up the Application Form" given in Appendix-II of this notice.


All applications must reach the "Secretary, Union Public Service Commission, Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi - 110069" either by hand or by Post/Speed Post or by Courier, on or before the 17th November 2008.

However, in respect of candidates residing abroad or in certain remote localities specified in para 6 of this Notice the last date for receipt of application by Post/Speed Post only (not by Hand or by Courier) is ____ November 2008.

Eligibility :

* Age : 16 and half to 19 years as on 01/01/2010.

Educational Qualification
for Army : 12th Class pass of the 10+2 pattern of School Education or equivalent examination conducted by a State Education Board or a University.

For Air Force, Navy and Naval Academy : 12th Class pass of the 10+2 pattern of School Education or equivalent examination conducted by a State Education Board or a University with Physics and Mathematics subjects
* Physical Standards: Candidates must be physically fit according to the Regulations given in notice.

NDA Application Form: The candidates must apply in the Common Application Form devised by the Commission for its examinations, which can be purchased from the designated Head Post Offices/ Post offices throughout the country against cash payment of Rs. 20/- only. In case of any difficulty in obtaining the Application Forms from the designated HPOs/POs the candidates should immidiately contact the Post Master or UPSC "Form Supply Monitoring Cell" over phone numbers 011-23389366 / FAX No.011-23387310

Fee: Rs.50/- through Central Recruitment Fee Stamp only. SC/ST/PH candidates are exempted from payment (OBC candidates required to pay full fee).

How To Apply: All applications must reach the "Secretary, Union Public Service Commission, Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi-110069" either by hand or by Post/Speed Post or by courier on or before the 17th November, 2008.

For complete information about this examination as well as information about registration of thier applications, venue of the examination and result etc. All the details of the NDA Examination can by found on the website of the UPSC at

Note 1 :
Candidates appearing in the 11th class exam are not eligible for this examination.

Note 2 :
Those candidates who have yet to qualify in the 12th class or equivalent examination and are allowed to appear in the UPSC Examination should note that this is only a special concession given to them. They are required to submit proof of passing the 12th class or equivalent examination by the prescribed date (i.e. 5th December ) and no request for extending this date will be entertained on the grounds of late conduct of Board/University Examination, delay in declaration of results or any other ground whatsoever.

Note 3 : Candidates who are debarred by the Ministry of Defence from holding any type of commission in the Defence Services shall not be eligible for admission to the examination and if admitted, their candidature will be cancelled.

Note 4
: Those candidates who have failed INSB/PABT earlier are not eligible for Air Force.

(d) Physical Standards :

Candidates must be physically fit according to physical standards for admission to National Defence Academy and Naval Academy Examination (I), 2008 as per guidelines
(e) A candidate who has resigned or withdrawn on disciplinary grounds from any of the training academics of Armed Forces is not eligible to apply.

Scheme of NDA Entrance Examination

1. The subjects of the written examination, the time allowed and the maximum marks allotted to each subject will be as follows :–




Maximum Marks



2-½ Hours


General Ability Test


2-½ Hours


Total 900

2. The papers in all the subjects will consist of objective type questions only. The question papers (Test Booklets) OF MATHEMATICS AND PART "b" OF GENERAL ABILITY TESTS WILL BE SET BILINGUALLY IN HINDI AS WELL AS English.

3. In the question papers, wherever necessary, questions involving the metric system of Weights and Measures only will be set.

4. Candidates must write the papers in their own hand. In no circumstances will they be allowed the help of a scribe to write answers for them.

5. The Commission have discretion to fix qualifying marks in any or all the subjects at the examination.

6. The candidates are not permitted to use calculator or Mathematical or logirithmic table for answering objective type papers (Test Booklets). They should not therefore, bring the same inside the Examination Hall.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

TIFR plans campus in city

HYDERABAD: The Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) has decided to set up its campus in the city. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is likely
to lay foundation stone for the campus soon. This will be the second campus in the country after Mumbai.

TIFR director Mustansir Barma called on chief minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy on October 12 and presented a proposal to set up the campus during the centenary birth year of its founder Dr Homi J Bhabha.

The TIFR, according to official sources, sought about 210 acres of land at the Hyderabad Central University (HCU) for the campus and has projected an investment of over Rs 2,500 crore over a period of 12-15 years.

Barma informed the chief minister that they had preferred Hyderabad for the second campus because of its good national and international connectivity , which met the required benchmark of TIFR.

HCU vice-chancellor Syed E Hasnain was also said to have welcomed the proposal of locating the TIRF on the HCU campus as it would go a long way in making the central university a world-class research hub a la 'Little Boston' and it would not only help students and faculty of the university but would also contribute to the economic development of the state.
The second campus, TIFR feels, would take care of its expansion programmes. It has proposed to set up the institute in two phases, phase I between 2008-2014 and phase II between 2014-2020.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Israel Government Scholarship – 2009-10.

LAST DATE: 31-10-2008

Applications are invited from Indian nationals on plain paper in the format given below for the award of about 5 – 7 Israeli Government Scholarship tenable from October 2009 to study at an Israeli University or any Institution of higher education in Israel. These scholarships are for research/specialization for 8 months (One academic year) and would be available for studies in the following subjects:

i) Comparative Study of Religions (With specific reference to Judaism)

ii) Middle East Studies

iii) Hebrew language and literature

iv) History of the Jewish people

v) Agriculture

vi) Chemistry

vii) Biology

viii) Nano-Biology

ix) Economics

x) Business Management

xi) Mass Communication

xii) Environment Studies.

2. Age: There is no upper age limit for applying for this scholarship.

3. Qualification: (1) For the research/specialization studies, a Masters degree with 60% or more marks as on 31-10-2008 for the subject of Agriculture, Chemistry, Biology, Nano-Biology & Environment Studies and Masters degree with 55% or more marks for the remaining subjects. Proof of English or Hebrew Language knowledge is must. The applicant should meet the academic requirements of the Israeli University that he/she applies to.

4. Value of Scholarship:

  • Terms and conditions of the scholarship will change every year according to the yearly budget.

  • The scholarship could be partial, or in rare cases full.

  • Partial scholarship will include health insurance and tuition fees OR

  • Monthly allowance for one academic year (8 months only). Full scholarship will include tuition fees, a monthly allowance and health insurance.

  • Accommodation, transportation and travel arrangements to and from Israel are the applicant's responsibility.

  • Scholarships will be granted only in universities and programs approved by the Ministry.

  • Scholarships for Ulpan language studies will be granted in the Ulpan chosen by the Ministry only.

5. Submission of application:

Application should include following:

i) Dully filled application form.

ii) Detailed letter describing the field the applicant intends to study in Israel, specifying the University he/she wishes to attend.

iii) Curriculum Viatae

iv) Copies of letters exchanged with Israeli universities or the Israeli supervisor (in the case of a research or Post Doctorate)

v) Official original academic records (or notarized copies) of all relevant studies and test scores, diplomas attesting the completion of an academic degree, including a transcript of the student's records.

vi) At least two (2) letters of recommendation from lecturers/professors who taught the candidates.

vii) Attested Photocopies of all degree/certificates including the certificate indicating date of birth.

7. Last Date for submission of application: Application on plain paper (as per format given below) alongwith the required photocopies of documents with a recent passport size photograph pasted on the application should reach the ‘Section Officer, ES-3 Section, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Higher Education, A.1/W.3, Curzon Road Barracks, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi-110 001’ latest by 5.30 PM on 31-10-2008. Applications received after 31-10-2008 will not be entertained. (Applications can also be submitted online at the Department’s website by 31-10-2008. Hard copies, in case of online applications should reach by 06-11-2008. In case of any queries candidates can also send their questions to the following email address: .


1. Candidates who are awaiting the results need not apply if the results have not been declared by 31-10-2008.

2. Equivalent foreign degree will be considered.

3. Candidates who have already been abroad for study/research/training for more than six months at a time either on a scholarship or on their own, are eligible to apply only if they have been in India for at least two years after their return from abroad as on 20-10-2008. Applications of candidates, who are abroad will not be considered.

4. Candidates should have adequate knowledge of geographical situation, culture and heritage of Israel and India.

5. Applications in subject-fields, other than those prescribed, will not be considered. A candidate can apply only in one subject.

6. Employed candidates must send their applications through their employers with “ No Objection Certificate”. However, an advance application can be submitted with the understanding that the application through employer should reach before the date of interview. Otherwise candidates will not be allowed to appear for interview. Advance application must be complete in all respects.

7. Candidates must attach with the application a description in at least 500 words of his project/proposal of study/research to be undertaken in Israel.

8. In case no interview letter is received by a candidate, who applied in response to the advertisement by last week of November 2008, it may be presumed that he/she has not been short listed for interview. No correspondence will be entertained in this regard.

9. Applications, which are incomplete or unsigned, will not be considered.

10. Canvassing in any from will disqualify the candidature of the applicants.

11. While indicating the period of past experience and stay abroad, candidate should mention the specific dates.

12. As these scholarships are offered by foreign Govts, the applications should be submitted in English only.

13. Candidates who do not possess the essential qualifications need not apply.


15. The final Selection of the nominated candidates rests with THE GOVERNMENT of Israel.

16. Mere fulfillment of minimum requirements as laid down in the advertisement does not qualify a candidate for interview. Interview letters are sent only to limited number of candidates after their applications are examined by the committee of experts.

17. The applicants who are in employment to which they wish to return should have an assurance that if their nomination is successful, they will be granted sufficient leave of absence.



1. Name of the Scholarship Scheme : Israeli Govt. Scholarship


2. (i) Subject (indicate any one of the subject :

given in advertisement)

(ii) Level of study (Tick (√) : 8 month research

3. Name of Candidate (in block letters) :

4. Full Mailing address with Tele./Fax No.

a) Present Address :

b) Permanent Address :

c) Marital Status

d) Sex:

e) i) Telephone(With STD Code)

ii) Fax No. (With STD Code)

iii) E-mail

5. Nationality :

6. Father’s Name :

7. Date of birth and age in years, months, and days as on 31-10-2008

State to which the candidate belongs :

8. Academic record starting from High School/(Matriculation):-

Name of the University/ Board/ Institutions

Examinations passed (Subject taken)

Year of passing

Division/ Class with position, if any

Maximum marks and Marks secured for the entire degree

Percentage of marks obtained and position if any, (No rounding of)

Subjects Taken

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Note : Where no division/Class is awarded and only grading is done, the Conversion formula adopted may be given.

9. Details of Professional/Practical Training :

Research Experience specifying the

period, Number of Papers published

10. Details of Present/Previous Employment after obtaining the prescribed qualification for eligibility.

Name of the organisation

Name of Employer

Date of joining

Date of Leaving

Post held

Scale of Pay

Reason for Leaving








11. Have you been abroad ? if so, give full particulars :

(a) Country/Countries visited :

(b) Period of Stay :

(c) Date, month and year of return to India :

(d) Purpose of visit

12. Proposed Programme of Study/Research and training :

specifying the following in at least 500 words (in a separate

sheet, to be attached with the application)

i) Programme of study/research :

ii) Title of study/research :

iii) The work at present engaged in :

iv) How are these related to the technical/academic/

economical Development of India :

Signature of the candidate


Date :


a) I, hereby, undertake to bear the cost of international travel (both ways) on my own if selected for scholarship offered by the Israeli Government.

Signature of the candidate Date:

b) In the even of selection of ________________________________ for scholarship against the

(name of the candidate)

offer of scholarship by the Israeli Government, the cost of the International travel (both ways) will be borne by __________________________________________________.

(name of the sponsor)

Signature of the candidate


Online Submission of Application Form

This Application can also be submitted on-line and the last date and time for submission of online application would be 5.30 PM on 31.10.2008. For on-line submission of application, attested photograph and documents as required above may be submitted after short listing of the applicants and on receipt of such a communication along with the registration no received on line from this Department. Immediately after successful submission of application on line the registration number is displayed on the screen. The on-line application form is a generic form and intending applicants should ignore the columns which are not mentioned in the format above. Any clarification on on-line submission of application may be sought by e-mail at
Our past experience has shown that sometimes due to network conditions and PC environment at the client’s end applicants are not able to submit online application and it has caused inconveniences to intending applicants. This Department does not take any responsibility in such eventualities. On line applications may be accepted provided hard copy of the application alongwith enclosures (attested copies of certificates, marks-sheets etc.) reach the Ministry by 06-11-2008.

Please click here for online submission of application

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